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Here at Avian Home Australia, all of our parrots are transported into our clean confinement area inside our home setting and are assured to be healthy. As soon as all the test conducted come out  negative and they receive a health certificate from our Avian Vet, they are brought into the primary residence where they keep growing. At this point we start hand feeding and socializing them.
We have one of the broadest options of pets available at Avian Home Australia. Having Certified Avian Experts on staff helps us achieve our objective of offering top-notch service. We stock young birds of all age, sex as well as breeders, rescued, and rehabilitated parrots. Regardless of the breed, supplies, if we don’t already have it we can always find it for you. contact us for more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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African Grey Parrot – What You Need To Know

The African Grey parrot also known as the Congo African grey parrot is a medium size bird native to equatorial Africa, including Angola, Cameroon, the Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. The grey, black billed African grey parrot is a fascinating pet due to its capacity for speech and voice mimicry. The African grey parrot has a well-deserved status between many bird collectors that it is among the most skilled speaking and imitating parrots in the world. This inquisitive bird is beloved by both bird breeders and inexperienced birders alike. 

Although all kinds of African grey birds have a slight resemblance, there are actually two different varieties plus a few less well-known subspecies of this well-liked bird. The Congo African grey is the one that is most common and prevalent. With its pale gray appearance and pure black beak, the Congo African grey is the biggest of the African grey parrots. The Timneh African grey, which was designated as a new species is the next most common kind. The Timneh African grey is smaller than the Congo and has darker-colored feathers. The Timneh grey also differs from other species in that its upper mandible is horn-colored rather of black. Both of these categories, despite their variances, both the Congo African grey parrot and the Timneh Grey bird make amazing companion pet birds. 

Due to their high intelligence, African grey parrots develop close relationships with their guardians and can be overly emotional.  Because of this characteristic, they do well with homeowners who have the time to handle and interact

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african grey parrot
african grey parrot
african grey parrot
african grey parrot
african grey parrot

Why You Should Choose Us!

  • Who are we?

Avian Home comprises of well trained and experience bird breeders  in Australia with more than 10 years of expertise knowledge. All of our pet birds and dogs are very healthy, well socialized and will be coming with all their health documents and also a free handbook which explains more on the bird or dogs personality. We also guarantee to provide you nothing but quality birds and puppies that will meet up with your expectation. 

  • What is the Delivery Time and Method?

We handle shipment via air freight as well as road transportation depending on your location. We often get questions also like is it safe to fly a parrot? the answer is yes as we use very well-built cages and also the birdie will be coming with a caretaker who will make sure that your birdie is given the right treatment until she reaches you. All air shipments require at most 24 hours to get all the paper works ready while road transport within Australia will depend on your location but hardly exceed 7 working days.

  • After Services?

We over 24/7 customer support service to all our customers until you have received your little one and also you can email us for guides or advice needed to take care of your birdie.